Tourism Information Infrastructure Initiative

Tourism Information Infrastructure Initiative

We are volunteers proposing a new policy that brings greater experiences for visitors to Japan. We aim to have the policy implemented by Tokyo 2020.

Our main project is the Hyper Pictogram project which aim is to promote accessibility of Tokyo. For that purpose, we will make every pictograms machine readable, multilingual and recognizable image.

You will easily find descriptions of outdoor, or physical, pictograms that you cannot understand their meaning by their figure. Image recognition technologies, like Google Goggles, will do it for you with a Hyper Pictogram catalog website.

Pictograms usually represents availability or unavailability of something: smoking/non-smoking, barrier-free or not, etc. Search engines will recognize digital hyper pictgrams and let you easily find events or venues which satisfy your requirements.

Moreover, Hyper Pictogram is an easy way for m17n (multilingualization) of web contents. Every description of hyper pictograms will be translated and accessible from your digital devices, so you will feel outdoor pictograms more familiar and be less likely to get lost in translation in Tokyo.

Rough Ideas on Hyper Pictogram for Tokyo 2020:

Current Status

We are prototyping the catalog website of Hyper Pictogram:

We would appreciate your help on designing the architecture, collecting existing pictograms and developing applications.


Feel free to join our Facebook group ( or contact the project leader, Ishibashi Hideto, via email, Facebook.